• Coinbase Exchange - Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with trust

    Coinbase Exchange is a crypto trading platform for buying and selling bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and so on. Also, Coinbase has upsurged significantly since its launch in San Francisco, California, in 2012 and is considered one of the industry's giant crypto-broker exchanges.

    What are the requirements to make your coinbase exchange account?

    • The user's age has to be 18 years old.

    • A government-issued photo ID or Identification proof is needed.

    • You must connect your computer or mobile phone to the internet.

    • You will receive a text on the phone number linked to your smartphone.

    • Remember to use the latest browser version (chrome) or the latest Coinbase App version.

    • Last, You have to ensure your phone's operating system is of the newest version while using the Coinbase app.

    Is there any fee to create a Coinbase exchange account?

    There is no fee for creating a coin base account. It recently removed its full fee schedule from the Coinbase online platform. However, You will see costs on the trade screen while entering a trade, so you must know what you are spending before you enter an exchange.

    What are the steps to sign-up for the Coinbase exchange?

    Create your account

    • First, go to https://www.coinbase.com from google chrome on your PC, or install and click the Coinbase app on Android or iOS device to begin. But, you must avoid accessing Coinbase through a web browser on your mobile devices. Click 'Get started.'

    • You have to fill information now. Remember to enter exact, up-to-date information to avoid any problems:

    • Your full name

    • Email address

    • Password

    • Your State. Next, you must read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.



    Email Verification

    • See the box and tap Create an account (computer) or SIGN UP via mobile if you agree. After that, you will receive a verification email to your linked email address.

    • Choose Verify Email Address in the email you received from Coinbase.com. This email has to be from no-reply@coinbase.com.

    • Tapping the link in the email will direct you back to Coinbase.com.

    • You must sign back in using the email and password you recently entered to fulfill the email verification process.



    Phone Number Verification

    Users need the smartphone and phone number linked to their Coinbase account to complete a 2-step verification. Look below:

    1. You have to verify your phone number.

    2. Then, sign in to Coinbase. You will see a prompt to add a phone number.

    3. Choose your country.

    4. Mention the mobile number.

    5. Computer users will click 'send' mobile users will tap 'continue.'

    6. Next, enter the seven-digit code Coinbase that you receive on your mobile number on file.

    7. Last, click Submit or tap Continue.

    But, if you fail to receive the code, select Resend-SMS.

    1. Now, enter your data.

    2. Enter the information as per your government-issued photo ID. You need to submit a photo of this ID afterward—for instance, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Residence.

    Questions to be asked

    You have to answer the following questions:

    • Why do you need Coinbase?

    • What is your source of funds?

    • Current work/ job

    • Employer

    • Last four digits of the SSN

    Now, select 'Continue' to complete the application process. Next, waiting is mandatory until you receive more instructions on your email address.



    Bank Account

    You must verify your identity and link a bank account for buying and selling supported crypto and send and receive through Coinbase.com,

    1. First, verify your identity.

    2. Then, log in to your Coinbase account.

    3. Next, Complete your ID verification process.



    Recommended: You must set up a 2-step verification app to help protect against unauthorized account access.



    Link a Payment Method

    Last, you must link the payment method according to your country.

    Why must you use Coinbase Exchange?

    Presently, Most exchanges are accessible to their users in the cryptocurrency market. They may vary in fee structure, security, and usability. But, Coinbase is knowns to be one of the market's most high-profile, trusted, and reliable platforms when accounting for these factors.

    The brand awareness of the Coinbase exchange has further grown. Coinbase has more than 40 licenses to operate in just America alone and is licensed to work in another 31 countries, making its list legitimate.

    Coinbase is a compelling, well-insured, and effortless-to-use interface.

    How do I transfer crypto from my Coinbase.com account to my Coinbase Wallet?

    From your Coinbase Wallet Settings:

    1. Go to Coinbase Wallet on your mobile device.

    2. Tap Settings, then click Buy or Transfer.

    3. Select the supported crypto.

    4. Put the amount you want to send then tap Continue.

    5. Your transfer is complete.

    Here are some of the most popular currencies on Coinbase:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)

    • Ethereum (ETH)

    • Cardano (ADA)

    • Solana (SOL)

    • Polkadot (DOT)

    • USD Coin (USDC)

    • Dogecoin (DOGE)

    • Uniswap (UNI)

    • Litecoin (LTC)

    • Shiba Inu (SHIB)

    • Algorand (ALGO)

    Verdict : Coinbase Exchange

    Coinbase Exchange is a top platform for someone to (trade) buy, sell, store, and exchange cryptocurrency. It is suitable for beginners to experience cryptocurrency who want an effortless buying and selling experience without worrying about the complications of external wallets and decentralised exchanges.

    The most notable drawbacks of Coinbase are its pricing structure and customer service. If someone is willing to handle your account on his own and agrees with the fees, Coinbase is a fantastic choice for someone interested in cryptocurrency.